#15 – A Look Around

349 days, 36,000 miles, $15,000 USD, half my body weight in sweat, one motorcycle purchase, one camera dropped in a bowl of Balinese chicken soup, one 3AM shoulder dislocation, one 4:30AM shoulder relocation (thanks Justin), one dengue fever scare, one violent bout with food poisoning, one too few bowls of khao soi, one too many late night 7/11 toasties, several hundred dollars worth of cha yen, a rediscovered love for two wheeled vehicles, and a newfound one for sharks – these are a few things that come to mind when I think about this past year. It’s impossible to sum up my trip in a two and a half minute video, but I tried anyways. Enjoy!

349 Days from choopacabra on Vimeo.


One thought on “#15 – A Look Around

  1. Your blog makes my heart sing! Is there a more amazing, young man traveling the world and sharing it with me/us? I don’t think so. Having known you as a teen-ager, and knowing you still gives me hope for the future of this planet. Keep living the life, Cameron. You are doing such a good job of it.

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